Thursday, April 29, 2010


One thing that our driver pointed out to us
was how many of the schools in Haiti
were destroyed in the earthquake.

They were built of cinderblock.
This particular school was 5 stories high,
until January 12, 2010

Construction of new schools has begun.
This time they are being built out of wood.
I was told that the schools were built by private
contractors.  It makes me wonder what
shortcuts were taken with construction...
making them all collapse.


countrynmore said...

Wow Bev. You brought realty to the situation in Haiti. The contractors probably felt that no one would notice especially in a poor country. I know that when the contractors built our house, they often took short cuts. Thank goodness my dh was here every day, causing the contractors to make corrections.

Richard said...

I made a donation to help Hati but I just have not seen the expected results from all the aid that has been sent.

Janie said...

I have a close friend that comes from Haiti and her family is still there. Terrible..she lost many friends and family members. And even now, it is still decimated...